Five-Year Strategy
Annual Tourism Plan

5 Year Strategy

In 2005, the newly formed Tourism Advisory Council undertook to develop and launch a five year strategy for the tourism industry which became The New Product Culture: The Prince Edward Island Strategy for Tourism Competitiveness (2005-2010).  This document became the shared agenda for industry and government partners through TAC.  Working with Tourism PEI, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the industry, through the Tourism Industry Association of PEI, the strategy was implemented bringing about change to a product-first approach and symbolizing a new era in island tourism.

Building on the success of The New Product Culture and remaining true to its mandate, TAC took on the challenge of developing a new five year vision for tourism in this province.  Again, working closely with partners to ensure the benefits of a shared agenda, a year-long inclusive process with unparalleled collaboration amongst the partners, resulted in an evolution and a whole new vision: Strategy 2015: Momentum-Invention-Mobilization.  The new strategy, launched in March, 2011, sets out a goal of reaching $500 million in tourism revenue by 2015 and seven objectives that capitalize on the critical supply and demand factors for success.

TAC, as strategic advisor, has lead responsibility for the five year vision, while Tourism PEI is responsible to lead the development of the annual plans. Each year, the annual plan is assessed against the strategy to ensure that each year’s initiatives and programs bring us one step closer to the five-year goals and objectives. Both processes happen in a collaborative environment through the format of the Tourism Advisory Council, and are presented to industry through the Tourism Industry Association of PEI annual and semi-annual conferences and through direct-to-industry communications.

Read the full Strategy 2015: Momentum-Invention-Mobilization here or read an overview on each of the 7 objectives by browsing the menu under the 5 Year Strategy tab.  Each objective has a strategic rationale, a champion to lead the efforts and is described in the document in terms of Momentum, Invention and Mobilization.

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Looking for more background?  Read the previous strategy: The New Product Culture: The Prince Edward Island Strategy for Tourism Competitiveness (2005-2010).