Five-Year Strategy
Annual Tourism Plan


Research must be the starting point in an effective research, product development and marketing continuum.  Learning new insights and monitoring market conditions allows the tourism industry to make informed decisions, thereby optimising the likelihood of short and long term success.  With market conditions and consumer habits continually evolving, sound, timely research has become even more important. The Tourism Advisory Council has recognized the importance of expanding tourism’s research capacity and worked with UPEI to create a Tourism Research Centre (TRC).  Putting quality, leading edge research to work for industry stakeholders is the priority.  Tourism performance statistics are available on a monthly basis and the mandatory accommodation occupancy program has provided invaluable tools to operators for tracking and business planning.  Timely information is critical for operators to complete their marketing plans for the next season and it also allows the industry to adjust their current season tactics for the highest possible returns for the customer and the owner/operator.


Monthly Tourism Indicators Archive

Click here to find an archive of the monthly tourism indicdators reports prepared by the Department of Tourism and Culture based on the monthly occupancy reports and a collection of other industry statistics.

Tourism Research Centre Reports

Visit the TRC website to find information on their online panel as well as a selection of industry reports, including the Exit Survey findings.