Five-Year Strategy
Annual Tourism Plan

Objective 7: Heighten industry’s engagement in Strategy 2015

Why: Every tourism operator or stakeholder in Prince Edward Island owns this Strategy 2015. The vision and the challenge set out on these pages belongs to the tourism industry in Prince Edward Island. The Tourism Advisory Council of PEI is responsible to take the lead on the five year strategy process and in so doing, we invited every tourism business to share their vision for 2015. Over 150 tourism stakeholders participated directly in the development of this strategy. TAC’s unique structure also enables the participation of industry through the Tourism Industry Association of PEI (TIAPEI) Executive Director. TIAPEI, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Parks Canada and of course, the Department of Tourism and Culture are all ex-officio partners with an active seat at the table. This ensures that all partners are working in the same direction – the one set out here in Strategy 2015. The more involved YOU are in this strategy, the more successful we all can be in achieving our goals and objectives.

Champion: Tourism Advisory Council

Read more about how we intend to capitalize on the momentum, focus on invention and mobilize for change in this area by 2015 in Strategy 2015.

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