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Annual Tourism Plan

Annual Tourism Plan

Strategy vs. Annual Plan

In practical terms, Strategy 2015: Momentum-Invention-Mobilization reflects a shift in the planning process, which has clarified the role of TAC as strategic advisor with lead responsibility for the five year vision, while the Department of Tourism and Culture is responsible to lead the development of the annual plans. The annual plan is measured against the strategy to ensure that each year’s initiatives and programs bring us one step closer to the five-year goals and objectives. Both processes happen in a collaborative environment through the format of the Tourism Advisory Council, and are presented to industry through the Tourism Industry Association of PEI annual and semi-annual conferences and through direct-to-industry communications.

It is an important distinction to note that the specific tactics and exactly ‘how’ we will achieve the outcomes of Strategy 2015 will be developed through the annual planning process, with an onus on the Department of Tourism and Culture as the destination management organization for this province, and with the input and participation of TAC and its partners providing direct industry advice, ensuring the annual plan aligns with this strategy document. It is intended that Strategy 2015 sets the vision and goals and that the annual plans define the tactics.

2013 Tourism Plan

2013 tourism marketing campaign focuses on strengths

Prince Edward Island’s traditional strengths will be featured predominantly in the 2013 tourism marketing campaign, says Minister of Tourism and Culture Robert Henderson.

“Our most unique feature and the key difference between our province and our competitors is the fact that we live on an Island,” said Minister Henderson. “This year’s campaign will focus on our beautiful coastline, fresh and delicious food, top notch golf courses and a truly unique culture and people. We are confident that imagery and messaging will resonate with potential visitors and will help accelerate visitation to the province as we inch ever closer to 2014.”

The campaign was unveiled today at the annual Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island’s semi-annual meeting and conference.

The 2013 campaign will also see a renewed focus on the family market as well as continued efforts to entice couples over 40 as our primary market. Advertising efforts will be focused in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario as well as the northeastern United States.

Tourism PEI will capitalize on a variety of new trends and enticements to attract travel media to the province. One trend that will be a focus is foraging for food like shellfish and mushrooms, fiddleheads and fresh herbs. Travel media will also be invited for a culinary tour of the Island hosted by a yet to be named chef. Media events will also take place off Island in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Tourism PEI will also look for further broadcast integration opportunities which help expose audiences to the province without the high costs of television advertising.

In 2013, the Island will also play host to GoMedia, a major international media marketplace that will draw hundreds of delegates from all over the world. It’s the first time GoMedia will be held east of Quebec and it will be one of the first major events held at the new Prince Edward Island Convention Centre.

“When we developed our five-year vision, Strategy 2015, we identified PEI’s coastal nature and the fact that we are an island as the defining tourism demand generator,” commented John-Anthony Langdale, Chair of the Tourism Advisory Council. “So we are thrilled that this message, the Island, figures so prominently in the campaign. The activities planned take advantage of media interest and social media more effectively than ever before, and operators have even more co-op marketing opportunities this year.”

The Department of Tourism and Culture is committed to supporting the tourism industry and strategic partnerships that accelerate the growth of tourism visitation, spending and employment. Tourism is a vital industry in Prince Edward Island that employs over 7,000 Islanders. It accounts for approximately $380 million in economic activity each year and seven percent of GDP, the highest of any Canadian province.

The 2013 Annual Plan Presentation as delivered at the TIAPEI Conference, March, 2013 can be viewed here.

 2012 Tourism Plan

Tourism PEI will strengthen partnerships between industry and government, enhance its IT capabilities and develop new tools to attract visitors to the Island as part of its annual tourism plan for 2012, says Tourism and Culture Minister Robert Henderson.“This plan will give a renewed focus to building the tourism industry in our province by strengthening the existing direction of the industry and introducing new products to increase our competitiveness,” said the minister. “Prince Edward Island is not immune to the challenges facing the tourism industry globally and nationally, such as high gas prices and economic uncertainty. However, with government and operators working together, we can ensure tourism remains a strong industry in our province, employing thousands of Islanders.”Sharpening the Approach, the 2012 Annual Tourism Plan, was released today at the annual general meeting of the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI). The plan, developed in partnership with the Tourism Advisory Council, details the direction of the Department of Tourism and Culture for the coming year.Some of the initiatives outlined in Sharpening the Approach include:• A new loyalty program that will see participating operators offer benefits to select travellers;

• Increased funding for an enhanced partnership program between industry and government to increase the amount of quality HD video content. Funding will double to $150,000;

• A new tool to support industry in working together to package and bundle various experiences and events for visitors;

• A new online itinerary planning tool to strengthen the province’s competitive advantage; and

• A continued focus on increasing awareness of Prince Edward Island and targeting the key markets of 40+ couples and families.

Tourism on Prince Edward Island is responsible for nearly seven per cent of the province’s GDP, creates more than 7,400 full-time equivalent jobs and generates more than $40 million in provincial tax revenue. Those revenues are reinvested into government services for all Islanders, such as health care and education.

“TIAPEI is pleased with the tactics and initiatives in the Tourism Plan 2012 and we’re optimistic that these efforts will take us one step closer to our Strategy 2015 goals and objectives,” said John-Anthony Langdale, chairman of the council. “The new partnership opportunities for industry are significant strides in engaging operators and increasing our capacity as an industry by working together. I encourage all operators to seek out the programs that fit their business goals and participate in the annual operator survey launched today. This survey will ensure these programs are effective and responsive to industry needs.”

Click here to view the full powerpoint as presented at the TIAPEI Semi-Annual Meeting.

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