Five-Year Strategy
Annual Tourism Plan

Annual Plan and Evaluation Framework – December 2nd

With the annual fall tourism conference hosted by TIAPEI just around the corner, you should have received your President’s Christmas Reception invitation in the mail.  If you didn’t, don’t worry – as long as you are a tourism stakeholder, you can join us!  Just be sure to catch the rest of the day’s agenda as well… Not a bad deal!

With the annual planning cycle in place, we will be co-presenting the annual plan with the Department of Tourism and Culture in much the same way as recent years.  It’s been a busy few months of season evaluation, research, planning and annual plan development.  The Management Team for Tourism PEI start meeting in August and they bring the overall analysis and plan to TAC in October each year.  We work together to refine and develop the end product, which will be presented as Tourism Plan 2012 on December 2nd.

Immediately following that session, we are presenting the Evaluation Framework for Strategy 2015 and the interim report on our progress.  Working with the Tourism Research Centre at UPEI, we are developing a comprehensive accountability structure which will help to let us know if we are “moving the needle” year to year as we progress towards 2015 and the targets we’ve set collectively between industry and government.

2011 had its challenges for the tourism industry, but we’re looking forward to sharing the tactics for tourism growth in 2012 and discussing how it responds to the five year strategy objectives.  There are other great sessions planned with TripAdvisor, TIAC and the CTC as well as diversifying your markets and how you as an operator can help the industry ‘mobilize’ to develop and showcase the demand generators – coastal, culinary, culture, golf and meetings and conventions.  Check out the full agenda at and be sure to register – hope to see you there!

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